Travel Policy

Travel, both foreign and domestic, is allowable as a direct cost on the Duke CHAVI-ID when such travel will provide a direct benefit to the project. As a Center funded by federal funds, the Duke CHAVI-ID must comply with NIH policies that govern domestic and international travel as described in the NIH Grants Policy Statement. A copy of this policy is located at http://grants.nih.gov/policy/nihgps/index.htm and is incorporated by reference in its entirety. The Duke CHAVI-ID Travel Policy is intended to provide additional guidance and clarification to the Grants Policy Statement.

Publications Policy

All Duke CHAVI-ID manuscripts and abstracts (“publications”) that are derived from work supported by CHAVI-ID funds must be reviewed by the Duke CHAVI-ID Publications Committee (PC) before submission to a journal or conference. The PC has the right to review all publications before submission.

Please read the Publications Policy for instructions on authorship, acknowledgements, and the review process.