Moody, Michael Anthony

Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Box 3499 DUMC
Durham, NC 27710

Department / Division

Assistant Professor in the Department of Immunology


Other, Duke University (2006)
Other, Emory University (2003)
Other, Emory University (2002)
M.D., Duke University (1999)

Dr. Tony Moody is the Chief Medical Officer of DHVI and director of the DHVI Repository. In these roles, he provides support for the collaborative work occurring at DHVI and with its many collaborators around the world by providing processing, shipping, and inventory support for a wide array of projects. He is also the principal investigator of the Laboratory of B Cell Immunotechnology which focuses on developing techniques to understand the development of antibodies in infection, after vaccination, or in other human disease states. The Moody laboratory has contributed to a better understanding of the development of antibody responses to HIV-1 after infection or vaccination, as well as investigating the development of broadly neutralizing antibodies against influenza.

Representative Publications

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